RV Repair FAQ

Where do we stay while you are working on our RV?
As long as you are having repairs done, we have electric hook-ups available for you and you can stay in your RV in the evening.  The only exception to that would be if there is painting that needs to dry overnight, then I can refer you to a local motel.

Do we need to schedule an appointment?
Yes, we will try to accommodate to your schedule.  We are open M-F 8:00am to 5:00pm.  Just call and we will put you on the schedule.

What information do you need about our unit before you can start  repairs?
We will need the Model, Make and Serial Number of your RV, the color of the inside and a list of the repairs that are needed.  This information is necessary  to order parts.

Do you have internet access?
Yes WI- FI is available inside our customer lounge.

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